Flarm mandatory firmware update

February 15th, 2015: Update on Flarm Press release dated January 28th, 2015Flarm

Firmware update 6.00 for March 2015 is not yet available. 

Note: Since February 1st, 2015, FLARM devices are issuing a firmware warning. This only means that the firmware is soon to expire (March 31st). Your FLARM device however works normally after this 30 second warning. If you wish to suppress this warning, we have issued a temporary firmware 5.14 for all Classic FLARM devices. This firmware will also expire March 31st, 2015. The only change is that it suppresses the warning until April 1st.

For LXNAV LX8000, LX8080, LX9000 and LX9070 with Flarm module: Please update the LXNAV software to 4.04 or higher before installing the FLARM update. Click here for LXNAV software updates.

As announced in the News on April 4th, 2012, we need to charge a fee for future updates of the Alps obstacle database (new format: .ob2). The fee covers our expenses for collecting and processing the data as well as licence fees for third parties. Version 5.13 no longer supports the previous database format (.obs). If you fly in the Alps, we strongly recommend to use 5.13 with the updated obstacle database. If you don't need an obstacle database, you can delete it using the "Clear memory" function in flarmTool. This way you can update without causing a warning indication. If you wish to continue using the old obstacle database until March 2015, please use software version 5.10.

Flarm04 devices (LED strip without above/below indication) continue to use the .obs format. Unfortunately, we cannot offer an updated obstacle database for Flarm04.

Please use the internal serial number (shown by flarmTool) for the purchase of licences. The licence number on the device sticker (e.g. F73842) is not stored in the device and hence cannot be used. If you update a device which has a .obs database installed to 5.13, it will issue a warning B1 (no database licence; exception: Flarm04). Flarm05 and Flarm06 devices will flash the Power LED. The warning can be acknowledged by pressing the button or it will expire automatically after 30 seconds. Installation of the new .ob2 database or removal of the old database will clear the warning. After the database is installed, the device resets and verifies the licence. This takes about 2 minutes. You can interrupt the verification, in which case it will be done when the device is next switched on.

Currently, flarmTool is unfortunately incompatible with PowerFLARM devices (Core or Portable). Please use an SD card or USB stick for updating.

When is the next scheduled service update due?

Version 5 will expire March 31st, 2015.

Why scheduled, mandatory updates?

The ability to update the whole network without being limited by constraints of the past is one of the key features of FLARM and has allowed it to adapt to rapidly expanding requirements. Many parts of aircraft require scheduled maintenance; this is not a concept which is new to aviation.