ICOM IC-A120E Mobile transceiver

8.33kHz aviation radio with Active Noise Cancelling for use as ground station or in vehicles. High Visibility, Simple Operation, Active Noise Cancelling (ANC), Dualwatch and ON-Hook Scan Functions.


  • IP54 Dust-Protection and Water Resistance This construction allows for use in open-air vehicles.
  • A total of 200 memory channels with 12-character channel names
  • Both 12- and 24- volt systems compatible
  • 8.33 kHz and 25 kHz channel spacing
  • 36W (P.E.P.) RF output power
  • Dualwatch and priority scan functions
  • Power on password protection
  • PC programming capability
  • CI-V Commands for external control
  • VE-PG3 RoIP gateway for interconnect with other radio devices
  • Side Tone Function

Supplied Accessories

  • Hand microphone, HM-216
  • DC power cable
  • Mounting bracket kit
  • Microphone hanger kit
  • Fuses
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