Lead Battery Charger 12V 10A

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You can use Lead Battery chargers for lead-acid, AGM and gel batteries. The charger ‘knows’ what type of battery it is linked to, and automatically selects the correct charge profile.
Lead Crystal battery requires its own charging strategy, for the best possible performance. This means that it has to be checked whether the existing chargers can handle this protocol. Otherwise, the batteries have to be linked to the special Lead Crystal battery chargers.

Lead Crystal batteries have to be charged at a higher voltage: A standard lead-based 12V battery is charged at 14.4 volts. Where Lead Crystal batteries are intended for cyclic use, they must be charged to 14.7-14.8 volts and a charging current of 0.5C max. Otherwise, there is the risk of the battery not being fully charged.

Charging Lead Crystal batteries has three phases:

    The battery is first charged to 80 percent with bulk charging: 14.7-14.8 volts and a charging current of 0.5C max.
    In this phase, the Lead Crystal batteries are further charged with pulse charging. The chargers continuously measure the voltage of the battery, so that they can bring up the charge gradually. This phase is comparable to the ‘absorption phase’ of lead-acid batteries. The bulk charge by 0.5C and the higher voltage drop in this phase by 0.15C at 13.8V.
    Once the battery is fully charged, the maintenance phase sets in: the Lead Crystal batteries are charged in this phase by 0.01C at 13.6V or even 13.4V.
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Lead Battery Charger 12V 10A

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