Upgrade Oudie 2 to Oudie N

The Oudie N is a handheld navigation system with a very bright, sunlight readable display and full HD screen resolution. The battery offers 15+ hours of pleasure at full brightness. SeeYou Navigator software is pre-installed and you can stay in touch with the real and digital world via Wifi, Bluetooth LE & 4G/LTE. Services such as Oudie Live, OGN, SkySight, TopMeteo, GPS AeroData, Rain Radar, KK7 SkyWays and Thermals etc. are provided (some of these require a subscription). Offline maps can be downloaded into a huge storage memory of 64Gb. Seamless integration with SeeYou and charging your phone from the Oudie N ensures the pleasure does not stop after landing. 

This upgrade is available for owners of a functional Oudie 2. The Oudie 2 must be shipped to Glider Pilot Shop. After receiving your order, payment and the old Oudie 2 we will ship the Oudie N to your address based on availability.

Speciale prijs € 755,00 € 623,97 Normale prijs € 995,00

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