Used PowerMouse RFB / ADSB

Used PowerMouse sn. 00281. The PowerMouse is a more powerful standalone Flarm device hidden behind or below the cockpit dashboard. It has an integrated USB port which can be extended to the instrument panel for easy access. A built in Bluetooth module is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Further it features a GPS module and a second Flarm antenna, an optional IGC flight recorder with internal pressure sensor and optional ENL registration and last but not least an integrated ADS-B receiver. The PowerMouse is based on PowerFLARM technology.

Main features

-Bluetooth module BT3.0 an BT4.0LE (for Android and iOS)
-USB connector
-IGC flight recorder (diamonds) (optional, not included)
-ENL (engine noise level) registration (optional, not included)
-second Flarm antenna activated (dipole antenna included)
-integrated ADS-B receiver (antenna included)
-Built in flarm splitter...easy to connect to second display or navigation device
-Compatible with all standard Flarm displays (3V and 12V)
-PowerFlarm platform

Input and output

-USB connector
-2x RJ45 Flarm connector
-GPS connector
-2x Flarm antenna -Bluetooth

Size and weight

-Outline dimension: 55mm x 90mm x 25mm
-Weight: 160g

Power supply

-Input 8-36V DC
-Consumption: 0.8W

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