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SeeYou has been designed for pilots, by pilots, to simplify the process of learning the skills an exceptional pilot needs. If you can imagine it or want it, chances are we have developed it! SeeYou runs on your Mac, Windows, iPhone, Android, Linux, everywhere. It helps you Plan, Navigate, and Learn in a straightforward package for less than 60 euro per year! The package includes the offline SeeYou PC version for Windows as well as the online SeeYou Cloud version for all platforms. On top of that you can use SeeYou Navigator endlessly to find your way in the sky with your iOS or Android smartphone...


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Prepare for your next flight with SeeYou on top of high-resolution maps and easy to use planning tool. Create collections of tasks that match your ambitions for the near future. You can do this using the SeeYou PC (offline version for Windows) or SeeYou Cloud (online version for all platforms). Integration with SkySight or TopMeteo weather forecasts makes it easy to get the most out of every flight. Update navigation instruments quickly, and you are ready for your next adventure.

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SeeYou Navigator for iOS and Android is a simple and intuitive app for your phone and it is part of the SeeYou Subscription! Navigate home, avoid airspace, share the sky with buddies, follow the best energy lines, and avoid bad weather. All of that and more with SeeYou Navigator...well, you know's the list: Personalize screen layout, Navigate to target, Airspace Warnings, Thermal assistant, Final glide navboxes, Cross-country optimization navboxes, Swipe gestures, Rain Radar layer, Live Open Glider Network layer, Integration with TopMeteo forecasts, Live Satellite images from TopMeteo, Integration with SkySight forecasts, Live Satellite images from SkySight, Landscape and portrait orientation, Logbook, Upload to contests, Seamless integration with SeeYou Cloud.



If you already own an Oudie, LX80x0 or LX90x0, or another compatible device, link it with SeeYou Cloud to seamlessly sync waypoints, tasks, and flights between your device and SeeYou.

 SkySight on Oudie SkySight on LX9070
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After landing, you can immediately share your new experience with friends and start learning from that. Impress friends with stunning 3D replay. Learn from immersive flight statistics. Find out how to improve next time by comparing your track to others. Or follow your progress through the Logbook of your flights.