Service and repair procedures


Select the manufacturer of your instrument in the list below:



Service or repair procedure

  AIR Avionics
(Butterfly, Garrecht, PowerFlarm) 

Read and fill out the Work Order
that can be downloaded here.
Follow instructions as indicated.


  Becker Avionics

Read and fill out the Repair Order
that can be downloaded here.
Follow instructions as indicated.

E-mail (English & German):
E-mail (French):

For AR3201, AR4201, ATC4401, BXP6401, BXP6403 the
minimum repair price is €195,00 and the maximum 
repair price is €595,00 (excluding tax, excluding shipping)

(formerly: Dittel)


Read and fill out the Return for maintenance webpage:
English version (Deutsche Version). Complete the form.
After you have pressed the 'Send' button you will receive
an e-mail with your details. Print this email and attach it 
to your parcel. Sent the parcel with Return Form to: 

TQ-Systems GmbH
Service General Aviation
Mühlstraße 2
D-82229  Seefeld

TIP: read the FAQ-section here


Frequently asked questions concerning service here.
Various service instructions can be viewed here.


  f.u.n.k.e. AVIONICS
(formerly known as:
Funkwerk or Filser)

Read and fill out the Return for Maintenance webpage
that can be viewed here ( Deutsch: hier).
Follow instructions as indicated.


f.u.n.k.e. AVIONICS GmbH
Firmensitz, Vertrieb und Service Avionikgeräte
Heinz-Strachowitz-Strasse 4
D-86807  Buchloe


Requests for service or repair can be made with
Glider Pilot Shop here or with LXNAV here

Please mention your type of device, the serialnumber
and the software-version. Always update to the latest
software-version. Owners of LX80X0 or LX90X0 are
requested to send a debug-report (MENU > ABOUT >
TO SD) and the last three IGC-files from the device.


Find your device or software in the the homepage
of the extensive Naviter support-forum here.
Read the discussions and troubleshooting pages
carefully or start a new topic.
In case of hardware problems, requests for service
or repair can be made with Glider Pilot Shop here.

  TL Elektronic

To generate a RMA number (Return Merchandise
Authorization) is generated the following information
is required: name and address, telephone, email,
equipment partnumber, equipment serialnumber
installation date, precise description of the failure. 

Send all information to

TL elektronic Test & Verification Department
Airport, Building 125
503 41  Hradec Kralove
Czech Republic

  Tost Flugzeuggerätebau

Being an EASA certified Mantenance Organisation,
Tost can perform repair and service work on all Tost
products. The focus is on the periodical release
overhaul. Also wheels can be serviced, eg by the
exchange of the ball bearings. The spare parts are
available from stock, even for 30 year old wheels.

Tost Flugzeuggerätebau
Thalkirchner Strasse 62 Rgb
D-80337  München


  Trig Avionics
  • Make a note of any error message or fault
    code if the unit displays one.
  • Report the error message including name,
    address, email-address, type of device, serial-
    number, software version, fault description,
    date of purchase, location of purchase and
    return address (if different) here.
  • If your avionics are faulty then your dealer
    will arrange a repair to be carried out.
  • Please be aware there will be a repair
    charge if the two year warranty has expired.
  • If you are unsure how to proceed then you
    can contact Trig Support directly:
    We can advise on accessing a repair.
    Please always consult your Approved Trig
    dealer or Trig Support first before returning
    your avionics, as this can lead to
    unnecessary shipping expenses when a fault
    may not be present.
  • Out of warranty shipping costs are the
    responsibility of the customer.
    Return shipping will be charged at cost.
  Winter Instruments

Read and fill out the Repair Order
that can be downloaded here.
Follow instructions as indicated.


Gebr. Winter GmbH & Co KG
Hauptstrasse 25
D-72417  Jungingen