Platypus bottles collapse to fit inside the palm of your hand, making them the ideal choice for gliderpilots, travelers and anyone on the go. If you are looking for a lightweight, user-friendly bottle that travels easily and does not take up space when it iss empty, Platypus has the solution. Platy bottles are also the cleanest on the planet - the food-grade liners are free of BPA, phthalates and unwanted tastes. Like all Platy reservoirs, these bottles are manufactured with care in the USA to give you the clean, taste-free drinking experience you deserve.

Nothing is cleaner, greener or more flexible than a Platypus SoftBottle. Whether you are running an ultra-marathon, waiting for a flight out of Bangkok or gliding your long-distance cross-country flights, the SoftBottle is your source for hydration.
  • Platyplus most flexible water bottle
  • Lightweight and packable - 80percent less weight and bulk than a hard bottle
  • Taste-free and BPA-free for clean drinking
  • Food-grade liner with rugged exterior is pliable and durable
  • Compatible with Closure Cap, Push-Pull Cap or HyperFlow Cap
  • Compatible with any threaded Platy lid or drink tube
  • Colors Blue, Gray, Red


500 ml
  • Weight 22 g
  • width 12,0 cm
  • Spout material Polyethylene
  • Cap material Polypropylene

1000 ml
  • Weight 35 g
  • width 15,0 cm
  • Spout material Polyethylene
  • Cap material Polypropylene
€ 9,62 € 7,95