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  1. TT31 transponder (incl. tray)

    TT31 transponder (incl. tray)

    van € 2.675,00

    Special Price Incl. BTW: € 2.475,00 Excl. BTW: € 2.045,45

  2. TT31 Transponder (excl. tray)

    TT31 Transponder (excl. tray)

    van € 2.595,00

    Special Price Incl. BTW: € 2.395,00 Excl. BTW: € 1.979,34

  3. VT-2000

    VT-2000 mode S transponder

    Incl. BTW: € 2.449,00 Excl. BTW: € 2.023,97

    The VT-2000 is a modern Mode-S/ADS-B Transponder 160mm rack format. It can be installed as a direct replacement for the popular Bendix-king KT76 / KT76A/C series of transponders without any changes to pre-existent wiring and mounting trays. The integrated keyboard makes VT-2000 the most easy to use and operate transponder we know of: Squawks are entered amazingly fast and easy.
    VT-2000 can be simply installed as a retrofit replacement for KT-76 or KT-76A/C Transponders. A special mounting tray is available for new installations. You can either use the integrated internal altitude encoder (alticoder) or connect VT-2000 to any kind of existent alticoder in your aircraft (parallel and serial).
    Keyboard based input requires significantly less operation time than other solutions. You can directly enter a Squawk given by ATC without writing it down. Changing mode or using the IDENT function is just as easy as pushing a button.
    VT-2000 is capable of sending out ADS-B data without modifications. ADS-B data can already be utilized by many collision warning systems. The only thing required is the connection of a normal NMEA RS232 GPS-source which is available in nearly any aircraft. Meer info
  4. TRT800A-OLED


    Incl. BTW: € 2.499,00 Excl. BTW: € 2.065,29

    The TRT800A with yellow and black OLED-display in a 160mm housingis a standard, class 1, transponder for all applications in general aviation from ultralight aircraft to gliders and piston engine aircraft. It offers the classical A/C modes of operation plus full Mode-S support including the future-oriented extended squitter function. The TRT800A may be used up to 35,000ft actual operating altitude (not to be confused with maximum operating altitude) and a maximum true airspeed of 250kt (463km/h). Meer info
  5. KTX2-F.V2 mode S transponder

    KTX2-F.V2 mode S transponder

    van € 2.599,00

    Special Price Incl. BTW: € 1.999,00 Excl. BTW: € 1.652,07

    The KTX2-F.V2 mode-S transponder for the standard 160mm stack is one of the most modern transponders on the market. Low weight, compact dimensions, low power consumption are made possible by the highly digitized technology. A brilliant transflective color display, suitable for direct sunlight use, ADS-B out 2020 Mandate compatibility and intuitive operation result in an unbeatable price-performance ratio. The KTX2's exclusive loop-through antenna eliminates the need to install a second antenna for any ADS-B in hardware. An optional plug-and-play adapter for Bendix-King KTxx connection is available. Technical Data: Type: Mode-S Transponder Class 1 Level 2els Approvals: EASA ETSO, FAA TSO, FCC Operating voltage: 9 V - 33 V DC Power consumption: 0,2 - 1.0 A (depending on number of requests) Transmission power: ≥ 24 dBW (250 W) Transmission frequency: 1090 ± 1 MHz Operating temperature: -20° C, +55° C Shock: 6 g operation, 20 g break resistance Weight: 610 gr Max. operational altitude: 30.000 ft Max. operational speed: 250 kt / 463 km/h Dimensions: 155.8 x 41 x 158.4 mm Meer info

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