MarS emergency parachute ATL-15

New model MarS emergency (back) parachute.
Compact and very comfortable emergency parachute, used by many gliderpilots due to its good value for money ratio.
Provided with removable and washable backpad (prevents moisture and sweat entering the canopy).

Dimensions (LxWxD): 53cm x 33cm x 8cm
Weight: 6.8 Kg
Canopy surface: 36 m2
Vertical descent: 5.5 m/s (at 77 Kg / 170 lb)
Vertical descent: 7.1 m/s (at 122 Kg / 269 lb)
Min. pilot weight: 61 Kg / 135 lb
Max. pilot weight: 122 Kg / 269 lb
Max. deployment speed: 278 km/h
Min. opening altitude: 100 m
Repack cycle: 1 year
Lifetime: 20 years

Delivery is including EASA Form-I (EASA.210.10057243), carrybag in basiccolor of the parachute, logbook with signed first packing. Parachute is sealed and ready for use.

The Standard version in Uzaron with B12 in color 81, 82 and 83 we try to keep on stock for quick delivery, other models will have a delivery time of 3-10 weeks depending of season.

Speciale prijs € 1.899,00 € 1.569,42 Normale prijs € 2.051,00