Becker AR6203 transceivers

The AR6203 VHF-AM transceiver is smaller and lighter than its forerunner due to implementation of state-of-art DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology it is designed in a 160mm format and is equipped with a highly efficient AM transmitter, a very sensitive receiver and a full graphic LC-display that allows easy reading under all light conditions, including full sun light readibility. Push button and display illumination can be dimmed.
The AR6203 has 8.33 kHz channel spacing that will become the new international standard for airborne communication for upper and lower airspace. Switching between the 8.33 and the 25 kHz mode is therefore made effortlessly simple. Standard or dynamic microphones can be used. A built-in-test facility increases flight safety. The dual watch mode that facilitate scanning of two different channels is an extra feature. The AR6203, with its integrated VOX/Intercom circuit, allows communication between pilot, co-pilot and passengers.
The AR6203-(022) supports both 25KHz, as well as 8.33KHz channel spacing and has an output of 6W.
Connector kit and mounting kit are included.

€ 2.245,00 € 1.855,37