Funke ATR833 VHF-tranceivers


The ATR833 replaces the well-known ATR500 radio. It complies with the new channel separation of 8,33 kHz. The ATR833 is a completely new development with state-of-the-art digital signal processing resulting in a major improvement of voice quality. The extremely lightweight plastic housing, developed in co-operation with the related company f.u.n.k.e. PLASTICS GmbH, is a significant innovation that reduces the weight to below 400 grams and makes the ATR833S one of the lightest radios in its class. The well-known ATR833 has a built-in voice controlled intercom. New is the automatic recognition of the microphone type. The bright two-line LCD display of the ATR500 was deliberately chosen, as it is easy to read with just a few additional icons providing all essential information. Of course, the radio has all functions that pilots can expect today. For the radio, a large number of cable adapters are available, so that in most cases an easy replacement of the device is possible.

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