Becker accessories

The Becker transceivers (AR6201, RT6201 and AR6203) have two 25-pin connectors on the rear side. The P1 connector (Becker designation: CK4201-S/C) provides the standard system interfaces such as power, ground, speaker, microphone PTT and AUX. The J1 connector (Becker designation: CK6000-S/C) provides connections with serial interfaces and discrete I/O's such as the RCU6201 remote control unit and RX/TX external inputs. Please read the manual for a full description of the connectors.

Two cable sets are available for the Becker transceivers (AR6201, RT6201 and AR6203):

1K062 Cable set (open cable ends), length 3.7 m, for sailplanes, motor gliders:
• Headphone
• Dynamic microphone
• Speaker
• PTT switch
• Power supply

1K065 Cable set (prepared with connectors), length 3.7 m, for general aviation:
• 2x Phone, jack socket PJ55
• 2x Standard microphone, jack socket PJ68
• 1x PTT switch
• 1x Audio in, jack socket 3.5 mm
• 1x Power supply

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