updated 07-07-2020 
  Airspace databases Filename Date Format Size   LX80X0 Nano3/4, FV2 SeeYou
    Source AIRAC       LX90X0 S8(0), S10(0) (PC, Cloud, Oudie)
  LXNAV worldwide July2020 06-07-2020 asapt 4.5 Mb   Y Y N
  Disclaimer DisclaimerEH2007 18-06-2020 pdf 24 Kb   Y N N
  Netherlands (NL) EH2007a 18-06-2020 cub 88 Kb   Y Y Y
  Netherlands (NL) EH2007a 18-06-2020 txt 200 Kb   Y N Y
  Belgium (B) website LVZC n/a txt n/a   Y N Y
  Germany (D) website DAEC n/a txt n/a   Y N Y
  France (F) website FFVP n/a txt/cub n/a   Y Y/N Y
  NOTAM areas The Netherlands   (areas activated by NOTAM only, dimensions may differ from AIP)
  EHR txt EHR cub TRA txt TRA cub TRA txt TRA cub TSA txt TSA cub
  EHR 2 EHR 2 TRA 10B TRA 10B TRA 80 TRA 80 TSA 24 TSA 24
  EHR 2A EHR 2A TRA 11 TRA 11 TRA 81 TRA 81 TSA 27 TSA 27
  EHR 2B EHR 2B TRA 14 TRA 14 TRA 82 TRA 82 TSA 28 TSA 28
  EHR 2C EHR 2C TRA 14B TRA 14B TRA 83 TRA 83 TSA 55 TSA 55
  EHR 49 EHR 49 TRA 14C TRA 14C TRA 84 TRA 84 TSA 67 TSA 67
      TRA 15 TRA 15 TSA txt TSA cub TSA 85 TSA 85
  ZIP : ZIP : TRA 58 TRA 58 TSA 1A TSA 1A TSA 100 TSA 100
  all txt files all cub files TRA 59 TRA 59 TSA 1B TSA 1B TSA 101 TSA 101
      TRA 72 TRA 72 TSA 23 TSA 23 TSA 102 TSA 102


  • NONE of these files are to be used as a primary navigational aid. 
  • ALWAYS refer to current charts and NOTAMs
  • These files are free of charge with NO warrantees, expressed or implied
  • Copyright: NO modification, distribution or publication of these files is allowed without explicit approval of Glider Pilot Shop

GPS AeroData

We strongly recommend GPS AeroData which ensures that you have all current AIP-airspaces and NOTAMs for entire Europe with you on board in text and that you have NOTAMs graphically visualised on your flight computer or navigation software. GPS AeroData is generated each day between 03:00 and 20:00 UTC at 15 minute intervals. Source for the data is the European AIS Database (EAD) maintained by Eurocontrol. For more information visit:


  Airport database Filename Date Format Size   LX80X0 Nano3, FV2 SeeYou
              LX90X0 S8(0), S10(0) (PC, Mobile, Oudie)
  LXNAV worldwide July2020 06-07-2020 asapt 4.5 Mb   Y Y N