LX g-meter

Intuitive standalone digital G-meter with an optional built-in Flight recorder Standalone G-meter indicates and logs g-forces with an integrated high precision digital pressure sensor and inertial platform. The unit has standard dimension of 57 mm diameter (80mm optional), very bright display and a sample rate of 100 times per second. 3 Push Buttons are used for simplified handling during the flight or ground operations. Micro SD card for data exchange (SW update and Flight downloads). Inertial platform with +-8g accelerometer. Device is showing current g-load by a needle as well as a navbox and it’s min-max values as a bar. Last flight min/max load navboxes are persistent until the next flight. Min/Max limits with Warning zones can be defined. Real Time Data is displayed on a QVGA 320×240 pixel 2.5-inch high brightness colour display. The logbook menu displays the list of flights. If the RTC time is set properly the take-off and landing time shown will be correct. Each flight item consists of the maximum positive g-load, the maximum negative g-load and the maximum IAS. This function is available only with the optional flight recorder.

€ 508,20 € 420,00