LXNAV Remote stick (LX80xx/LX90xx)

Ergonomically designed remote stick for full comfort on long flights. 7 push buttons and a joystick button for easy screen navigation. One button can be customized with your most desired action. RS485 splitting unit included. Various different sizes and versions are available: standard version, version red start button version, trim switch version. Left handed remote stick is also available.


-18,0mm (DG, LS)
-19,3mm (DG, LS, Schempp-Hirth, LAK, Antares)
-20,0mm (LS, Stemme, Apis, EB-29)
-24,0mm (Schleicher, Taurus, Silent, EB-28)
-25,4mm (JS)

€ 386,99 € 319,83