Sotecc ACL LED-strobe flasher

Sotecc Anti-collision LED-Strobe (fuselage) flasher for enhanced flight safety.
Besides the proven Flarm systems, you now have the option to be way better visible in the air.
And since we fly VFR, this might even be better as Flarm for flight safety (off course both is best).

With its 16 powerful CREE LEDs it is the ideal combination of visibility (360° view) and efficiency.
It can be combined with the Sotecc-connectBOX, which makes the automatic mode possible.

The Sotecc flash strobe fits almost any imaginable aircraft. It cuts a fine figure on the back of the fuselage or on the underside of the fuselage and thus ensures all-round visibility.
It's height of only 15mm and droplet form makes the aerodynamic losses almost negligible.
Installation is based on EASA specifications and can be implemented quickly and easily. Our supplied documentation contains all the information you need.

When purchased as a standalone, the strobe flasher will flash with a certain predetermined frequency (which cannot be changed) when power is supplied.

*Optional connectBOX.*
In modern glider cockpits there are now countless buttons, switches and displays. Our Sotecc strobe flashers can now work fully automatically in combination with the connectBOX.
We therefore highly recommend combining the strobe flasher with the Sotecc connectBOX.
When switching on the avionics of your glider, the strobe flasher is armed, but still not flashing and is waiting for your take-off.
Once gaining speed on your take-off roll, the strobe flasher starts flashing with a battery saving flash frequency.
If a potential collision threat is recognized (depending on several parameters, Flarm for example), the strobe flasher automatically switches into the alarm-mode, the flashes are getting more remarkable and more aggressive.
After landing and coming to a full stop, the strobe flasher automatically stops flashing and is then again ready and armed for the next flight.
All this without increased pilot workload and without any switch. It´s as simple as that.
Glider pilots are individualists, that's why the strobe flasher can be configured individually.
With the "Sotecc-Configurator" provided, depending on your preference the connectBOX settings can be easily adjusted, such as; the flashing frequency, the alarm threshold and the visibility of the LED's.
-Reduced pilot workload.
-Less potential for errors due to automatic mode.
-Protection also against aircraft without flarm.
-Battery saving normal operation.

In a nutshell.
- Improved visibility thanks to sixteen powerful CREE® LEDs.
- Supplied "Sotecc Configurator" for individual requirements (only supplied with connectBOX).
- Collision warning also against aircraft without Flarm.
- Negligible aerodynamic losses.
- Fits any type of aircraft.
-To 1 connectBOX, up to 1x canopy flasher and 2x strobe (fuselage) flashers can be connected.

Technical specifications:
Cable length: 5m
Operating temperature: −30°C to +70°C
Input voltage range: 9 - 18V DC
Power consumption: 100 mA @12V
Weight: 50g
L: 115mm
W: 21mm
H: 15mm

€ 399,00 € 329,75