Trig TY96 & TY97 VHF-transceivers

Trig’s TY96 and TY97 Aviation Radios define a new standard in dual 25 kHz and 8.33 kHz radio design. With a superbly engineered slimline case, that is only 33mm high – each radio saves valuable panel space and is packed with innovative and practical features.

“Our new radios are the slimmest retro-fit for any stack. They are the perfect replacement for older legacy radios such as the KY196A, KY197A or SL40.”
Trig’s Better by Design philosophy promises a superior user interface with features that pilots will really appreciate. Despite their slimline size both radio models, the 10 Watt (TY96) and 16 Watt (TY97) features include: ‘Push Step’ providing faster tuning and ‘Say Again’ which allows instant play-back of your last transmission. This is a real advantage to student and even experienced pilots – saving the embarrassment of asking air traffic to repeat a message. An Emergency button automatically sets 121.5 MHz and volume levels. This guarantees a successful transmission in what can be a stressful situation. Finally, a handy USB port allows the upload of an airfield database – this contains 200 of your preferred frequencies and identifiers.
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