Tost weak links [110101]

Tost weak links in optimized format combine the following improvements:
  • Longer service life
  • Correct marking with load group and manufacturer’s name
  • Made of high-quality certified aircraft steel
  • Clear determination from inferior copies
  • Manufacturing tolerance only 5% (10% required)
These weak links are manufactured according to EASA-approved production methods. Each batch is tested on computerized test equipment and the results are documented. This guarantees consistent high quality and traceability. Important Notes
  • Weak links protect your aircraft against overloading
  • Use only the weak link stipulated in your aircraft TCDS or aircraft manual
  • Checking the cable preamble is mandatory according to SBO (German Gliding Operation Regulations); this includes the inspection of weak links
  • Replace the weak link immediately in the case of a visible damage
  • We recommend that the weak link insert are be replaced after 200 starts: an insert exchanged in time is always safer and cheaper than one single aborted launch
  • Always use the protective steel sleeve
  • Use only the correct shackles: they prevent the weak link and the steel sleeve from twisting, leading to an increase of the breaking load
  • Never use two equal inserts, eg, both with round holes, in a reserve system weak link, since this would double the breaking load
Warning Using combinations of weak link inserts from different manufacturers can double the breaking load because of the elongation of inferior inserts.
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