WiFi option LX80X0- & LX90X0-series

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WiFi software option including WiFi-dongle (compatible with LX8080, LX9050, LX9070, LX9000 and for LX8000 after serialnumber 25700 (27000-27999 excluded))

It opens a completely new chapter in the way you use your system. After landing, your flight can be automatically sent to OLC, SeeYou Cloud or to the competition scoring office. No more searching for SD cards in the glider pockets. When a Wifi signal is available while flying, METAR, TAF and real time rain radar data are downloaded for better weather information. NOTAMs can be downloaded directly to your flight computer with a GPS AeroData subscription. More services will be available later.

Please provide type of device and the 5-digit serialnumber of the device on which the WiFi-module will be installed (see sticker backside or in Setup menu > About or using password 00111).

LX8000s with serialnumber lower than 25700 or from 27000 up to and including 27999 require an upgrade of the CPU: LX8000 CPU upgrade
Incl. BTW: € 242,00 Excl. BTW: € 200,00

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Incl. BTW: € 242,00 Excl. BTW: € 200,00

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