WiFi option LX80xx- & LX90xx-doubleseater systems

WiFi software option including two WiFi-dongles for front and rear seat device of the LX800xx- and LX90xx-series. 

Compatible with all LX80X0 and LX90X0 generation 3 and up. Limited compatibility with generation 2 instruments.

The LXNAV Wi-Fi Module can be used to connect to the internet through a wireless network such as a smart phone that can act as a “Personal Hotspot”. It offers many powerful features – such as the ability to e-mail your flight log to any computer while still sitting in the glider. NOTAMs can be downloaded directly to your flight computer with a GPS AeroData subscription. It can also be used to download and display weather data on the map. Any smart phone with Internet access can be used to connect the LX80xx/90xx to the Internet.Displaying weather maps on the LX80xx/90xx will also be extremely useful – assuming the mobile phone can connect to the Internet whilst at altitude.

Please provide type of device and the 5-digit serialnumber of the device on which the WiFi-module will be installed (see sticker backside or in Setup menu > About or using password 00111).

€ 484,00 € 400,00

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Maximaal 5 tekens