RS485 Bridge

LXNAV RS485 to RS232 bridge. Required accessory for radio- or transponder control from LX80x0 and LX90x0. Also suitable for customized data-output for transponder or other third party hardware. A free RS485-port must be available in your system, if such a port is not available then the RS485 splitting unit is required.

Compatible devices for remote control from LX80x0 and LX90x0:




  • AR6201 versions issue 04 and lower do not support RS-232 connections
  • ATR833 minimum radio firmware version 6.4
  • ATR833-ll minimum radio version: HW2.0, SW1.05, FW3.00
  • TRT800: the interface is a TX-only connection, not possible to control.
€ 350,90 € 290,00